Innovation and Green Transition in the Processing of Agricultural Products - Vouzounerakis

The purpose of the action is:

Increasing the degree of cooperation in the primary sector through collective schemes and / or the adoption of contract farming.
Improving the position of farmers in the value chain.
Enhancing the competitiveness of products in the markets through the use of research, modern technology and digital tools.
The integration of innovation processes and the use of new technologies, but also environmentally friendly processes that reduce the phenomenon of climate change.
Sustainable development and more efficient management of natural resources

Beneficiaries are:

Producer Groups (O.P.), Producer Organizations, Agricultural Cooperatives (Agricultural Cooperatives), Agricultural Partnerships (AES), Cooperatives
Social Cooperative Enterprises of Law 4430/2016 and companies of commercial law, which show a degree of verticalization of at least 40%, utilizing self-produced agricultural products. The obligation to maintain the vertical percentage begins after the completion of the implementation of the investment and is 3 years. After the expiration of the 3rd from the beginning of the obligation of verticalization of the production and within a period of 2 months, the beneficiary is obliged to present a signed certificate of certified accountant, where the above condition will be substantiated.
Legal entities under establishment who complete the establishment procedures no later than the date of issuance of the accession decision.
Companies of commercial law (Ο.Ε., Ε.Ε., ΕΠ.Ε., Ι.Κ.Ε. etc), which: apply contract farming under the following terms, conditions and restrictions:
if they process an agricultural product, at least 40% of the raw materials used in the boosted investment are contract farms,
if they process a non-agricultural product, at least 40% of the agricultural product used as AD material in the boosted investment is a contract farming agricultural product.
Obligation to implement contract farming starts from the date of completion of the investment and the contracts are for at least 3 years.
After 3 years from the completion of the implementation of the investment and within 2 months, the beneficiary is obliged to present a signed certificate of certified public accountant where the above condition of cases 1 & 2 will be documented.
More information on eligible activities can be found here

Eligibility criteria
1. Maturity of Investment Plan (existence of own participation)
2. Legal recommendation of the beneficiary (certificates according to legal form)
3. Green transition, where at least one of the following actions is required:
a) Investments in building installations to achieve a higher energy efficiency factor.
b) Investments in mechanical equipment with reduced energy consumption.
c) Procurement of vehicles of the highest, available standard for measuring emissions, as applicable to each category of vehicles.
d) Investments in RES
e) Investments in infrastructure that contribute to water savings.
f) Investments in mechanical equipment that contributes to water savings.
4. Investing in innovation and digital transformation
5. Sustainability of the investment according to the acceptable limits of the selected performance indicators in the submitted feasibility study

Eligible costs

Construction, acquisition - under certain conditions - or modernization of real estate (30% of budget for acquisition of real estate & 10% for purchase of land)
Vehicles for the operation of the business (up to 30% of Budget)
Purchase, transport & installation of equipment
Acquisition of all assets belonging to a closed business establishment
Business computer equipment costs
Expenditures for constructions to ensure accessibility for the disabled
Mechanical equipment for upgrading and modernization of the distribution networks (logistic) of the company,
Intangible assets (eg patents, licenses, trademarks, corporate identity & branding, obtaining quality assurance certificates such as ISO, HACCP, etc ..
Expenditures for consulting services for SME companies (up to € 300,000.00)
Expenses for participation in trade fairs for SME companies (up to € 500,000.00)
Innovation costs for SME companies (up to € 500,000.00)
Expenditures for exceeding EU standards or for increasing the protection of the environment (up to 2,000,000.00 €)
Expenses for production of energy from renewable energy sources (RES) to cover the needs ONLY of the company (up to 1,000,000.00 € & up to 30% of the budget)

Aid amounts and percentages

The subsidy is up to 55% of the budget, depending on the size of the business
The minimum eligible budget is 500,000 euros (VAT is not an eligible expense)
The duration of the implementation of the investment plans is set at 18 months with the possibility of extension six (6)