Grant to Existing Businesses of Gyms, Playgrounds - Vouzounerakis

The aim of the Action is to cover, in the form of support for future operating expenses (including employment costs, but also depreciation of fixed assets), part of the liquidity required for the resumption of these activities, as well as to provide an incentive for maintaining the supported activities in the near future, thus indirectly supporting the retention of jobs.


Beneficiaries of the Action

Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises providing services of gyms and playgrounds that maintain a licensed professional headquarters (in a separate area of ​​their home), regardless of their legal form.
To have started work at the competent Tax Office before 1/1/2020.
The total sum of the amounts in codes 581, 585 and 587 of the tax form E3 of the year 2019 to be greater than or equal to 4,000 euros.
The eligible KAD, in which the potentially beneficial companies should operate (main KAD or KAD with the highest income according to the tax form E3 of the year 2019) are: Gym services of special gymnastics (aerobics, pilates, yoga etc) Gym services, gymnastics or non-gymnastics Kart track services Playground services


Up to 18,000 euros per beneficiary company and specifically 25% of the amounts of fields 581 (Employee benefits), 585 (Miscellaneous operating expenses) and 587 (Depreciation) of the tax form E3 of 2019.

The subsidy per beneficiary company will be granted as a lump sum to cover future operating expenses, provided that it maintains its business for a period of 6 months from the financing decision.


Subsidized Expenses

Indicative operating costs eligible for the Action, in the context of a simplified cost option and a flat rate calculation, may be the following:

Commercial space rentals.
Expenses for energy, fixed and mobile business telephony, water supply, heating, etc.
Expenses for third party fees (legal, consulting, accounting support, etc.)
Promotion and networking expenses (design and printing of brochures, posters, advertisements, expenses for participation in professional exhibitions, corporate website, etc.).
Expenditure on the supply of consumables.
Depreciation of fixed equipment (tangible and intangible).
Salary costs of the company's staff.

The evaluation of funding applications is done by the method of direct procedure (FiFo).

Completion Date of Electronic Submission: Wednesday 28/07/2021 at 17:00