Working Capital Grant to Catering Companies - Vouzounerakis

The Action aims at subsidizing SMEs and Large Enterprises in the catering sector for support after the resumption of their operation, under the pandemic of COVID-19 disease, by supplying raw materials necessary for their operation.


Beneficiaries of the Action

Catering companies, regardless of their legal form, which must be active in at least one of the following KAD and their subcategories:

56.10: Restaurant service activities and mobile catering establishments,
56.21: Event catering activities,
56.29.20: Other catering services,
56.30: Beverage activities.

Basic Conditions for Participation

Businesses must, inter alia, meet the following conditions:

To have started work by 31.12.2020,
Have as one main activity code or activity code with the highest income one of the eligible KAD
To show a decrease in turnover of the year 2020 by 30%, at least in relation to the turnover of 2019 (not required for companies starting operations in 2020),
The potential recipient of the aid submits a Funding Application per VAT number, for all the catering facilities it has.

Subsidized Expenses

Each company with a distinct VAT number will be given a total non-refundable grant in the form of Working Capital that can amount to a maximum of 7% of the annual turnover of 2019 (according to field 500 Total Revenue from Sales of Goods and Services of E3 tax year 2019).
Business expenses for the supply of raw materials are eligible from April 1, 2021 onwards.
The paid working capital advance for the supply of raw materials must have been spent from the date of commencement of eligibility of expenses until 31.12.2021 and will be proved based on the Codes:
361 In-country purchases and expenditures
363 Other Imports other than investment property (fixed assets) and
364 Intra-Community acquisitions of goods
of the forms of the relevant periodic VAT returns for the period 1/4/2021 - 31/12/2021.
The amount of working capital corresponding to this action must not exceed 70% of the sum of the amounts of the 3 codes mentioned above.

Electronic Submission

The Financing Application is submitted electronically until Friday 30 July 2021 at 15:00 with the required supporting documents