Business Support National Register of Start-ups - Vouzounerakis

The Action aims to support start-ups included in the National Register of Start-ups in the form of a non-repayable grant as working capital to cover their expenses.



They are registered in the National Register of Start-ups
They have the legal form of IKE, LTD, SA, based in Greece, or maintain a subsidiary or branch in Greece if the headquarters is abroad (therefore has a Greek VAT number)
They have started activity from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2020.
The sum of working capital expenditures 2019 is equal to or greater than € 6,250.
They have an eligible KAD as defined in the relevant Annex
Its innovation area is compatible with the RIS3 National Smart Specialization Strategy

Grant amount:
The companies of the National Register of Young Enterprises with Working Capital are subsidized up to 80% of the expenses of the company for the reference year (2019 or 2020) with a minimum grant amount of 5,000 euros and a maximum of 100,000 euros. The amounts on which the above percentage will be calculated result from the sum:

of Consumer Goods Markets
of Purchases of Raw Materials and Consumables
of all Employee Benefits
Various Operating Expenses
The total budget of public expenditure of the action amounts to 60,000,000 euros.

Funding Application Procedure:

The action will remain open for submission of applications until the available budget is exhausted and no later than 30/09/2021.
The evaluation will be immediate, in order of priority (first in - first out), according to the date of electronic submission to the PSKE.
There is no grading of the proposals, only a determination of compliance with the formal conditions of participation.
Obligation of the Beneficiaries is the paid working capital to be consumed within 2021.