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The purpose of the action "Digital Upgrading of SMEs in the Region of Crete" is to support very small, small and medium enterprises through the market of innovative ICT applications. in order to strengthen the part of ICT application, as a basic support technology, to achieve improvements in terms of productivity and promotional actions by companies.

The business plans that will be financed will concern the following priority areas, which include the priority areas of RIS3Crete:

Cultural - Creative Industries
Wholesale - retail trade
Materials - Constructions
Supply chain
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Health - Medicines

Beneficiaries are:

Companies that cumulatively meet the following criteria:

be very small, small or medium-sized enterprises,
to be active or to be active, as well as to make the corresponding expenses in the Region of Crete,
to have been established by 31/12/2016,
to have the declared KAD (s) before the date of publication of the invitation, ie before 17/02/2020 (to see the eligible KAD click here),
the total amount of de minimis aid previously received by the undertaking in question (single undertaking), including aid under this Action, shall not exceed EUR 200,000 (or EUR 100,000 for the road haulage sector on behalf of third parties ) within three years (current financial year and the two (2) previous financial years) before the time of granting (issuance of a decision to incorporate an Act) of the legal right of aid.
to operate exclusively in one of the following forms: companies of corporate / commercial character (SA, Ltd., OE or EU and PC), sole proprietors, COM. Σ.ΕΠ. (Social Cooperative Enterprises of Law 4430/2016), Cooperatives.

Grant amount:

The subsidy will be at 100% of the eligible expense from € 5,000.00 to € 15,000.00 (VAT is not an eligible expense). If the total cost to be incurred by the company exceeds the amount of € 15,000.00, the additional cost will be paid by the company.

Eligible costs:

The resources of the specific Action cover the expenses for the upgrade of technological infrastructures, integration of ICT equipment. & supply - transfer and installation of new modern ICT and are categorized as follows:

EQUIPMENT (Hardware) (Maximum eligible percentage 100% on the subsidized PC)
SOFTWARE (Software) (Maximum eligible percentage 100% on the subsidized PC)
Provision of services (Maximum eligible percentage 40% on the subsidized PC & minimum 0% as it is not a mandatory expense)
For more information on eligible costs, click here

Duration of projects:

The duration of the projects is four (4) months from the date of issuance of the Accession Decision. The start date of each project is the date of issuance of the Decision for Integration / Financing of the projects. The starting date for the eligibility of expenditures is the date of publication of the call for this Action.

The application period will last two (2) months, from Thursday 12-3-2020 at 13.00 pm to Tuesday 30-6-2020 at 15:00 pm. classification and depletion of available resources. In case of a tie, all investment projects that are tied are candidates for financing.