Region Of Crete Subsidies - Smart Specialisation Strategy ESPA 2014-2020

Region Of Crete Subsidies - Smart Specialisation Strategy ESPA 2014-2020 - Vouzounerakis

Region Of Crete Subsidies - Smart Specialisation Strategy ESPA 2014-2020

The Research and Innovation Strategies (RIS3) of the Region of Crete focuses on support and investment in:

  • Tourism-Culture
  • Agri-food
  • Environment-Energy and
  • Know-how.

The indicative priorities in the field of Tourism are the following:

  • Use ICT to enhance customer focused services, improvement of interactivity, lower cost of services;
  • Support start-ups in the field of tourism and cultural - creative activities;
  • Develop mobile telephone applications and internet for navigation and interactive communication;
  • Boost innovation to develop open data applications to provide added value services in tourist destinations;
  • Enhance digital services and cultural heritage promotion applications, navigation systems, itinerary management in tourist destinations;
  • Make demonstration plans for the promotion of new, innovative business initiatives that boost alternative forms of tourism.

In the field of Agri-food the indicative priorities are:

  • development of food technology
  • smart greenhouses
  • Food safety - quality control & safety
  • active & intelligent packaging
  • supply chain smart systems etc.

In Environment-Energy, entrepreneurship is enhanced in the following ways:

  • Production of new or improved building materials and construction systems for buildings, urban regeneration and infrastructure works;
  • Adaptation to climate change, energy saving technologies and renewable energy technologies in existing and new buildings;
  • Improvement of performance (energy reduction in heating, cooling, lightning, water supply, irrigation, wastewater and solid waste treatment etc.);
  • New improved materials for renewable energy systems;
  • Development and application of renewable energy/ energy saving technologies, adjusted to the needs of productive sectors in Crete;
  • Business initiatives for the development of new technologies for smarter water management;
  • Development of urban or/and industrial wastewater treatment innovative systems and pilot applications for membrane or filter filtration;
  • Recycling and reuse of wastes (phosphorus – nitrogen – other by-products).

For more information you can visit the site of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Region of Crete.