Strengthening of liquidity and employment (OAED Programme)

Strengthening of liquidity and employment (OAED Programme) - Vouzounerakis

Strengthening of liquidity and employment (OAED Programme)

The programme of the Greek Man Power Employment Organisation (OAED) aims to enhance liquidity and employment, through direct strengthening of new self-employed former registered unemployed.


Those interested in the programme should meet the following requirements:

  • Register as unemployed in the Employment Agency (OAED) 6 months before the recruitment and not be subordinate or self-employed the day before the recruitment;
  • Have a tax registration number (TIN) and (men candidates) have fulfilled or have been legally exempted from their military obligations.

Both individual businesses and partners can participate in the programme (only if they own at least 51% of the capital stock):

  • General Partnership (G.P.)
  • Limited Partnership (L.P.), only for the general partner
  • Limited Liability Company (Ltd.)
  • Private Company (P.C.) and
  • Social Cooperative Enterprises (KINSEP) L.4019/2011.

Eligible costs:

Eligibility costs are those concerning operational services such as:

  • Rent
  • Utilities (Public Power Corporation, ΟΤΕ, Water Supply and Sewerage Company, etc.)
  • Leasing
  • Legal, accounting, technical and consulting support
  • Stationery
  • Promotion
  • Fixed costs article 24 L. 4172/2013
  • Beneficiary’s social contributions
  • Wage and non-wage costs.

Financed amount

A lump sum is taken after approval of the Employment Agency, on-the-spot inspection and administrative control.

The maximum amount of grant for every new self-employed who participates in the programme is EUR 10 000, depending on the documentation for the eligible costs from the start date of the action until the date of the on-the-spot control.

The beneficiaries are bound to run their business for twelve (12) more months from the date of the approval. This will be confirmed with on-the-spot control by representatives of the Employment Agency.

To submit your application to the programme, it is required to get a code number from your local OAED (ΚΠΑ2).

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