LEADER AKOMM Program Announcement - Vouzounerakis

The LEADER program of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food was announced by AKOMM-Psiloritis Development and aims to subsidize young people in the countryside and residents of large urban centers, who want to open businesses outside urban centers.

The eligible areas concern areas in the eastern part of the Rethymnon Regional Unit, as well as in the Heraklion Regional Unit

The eligible actions are:

Establishment and modernization of processing and standardization units for products (such as dairies, small standardization and packaging units for eggs and honey, snail processing, olive mills, wineries, fruit and vegetable companies, fruit processing units, etc.)
-Foundations, extensions and modernizations of craft units (such as ceramic-textile products, wooden constructions, etc.)
-Foundations, extensions and modernizations of restaurants and leisure areas (traditional taverns and cafes)
-Foundations, extensions and modernizations of service companies (such as alternative forms of tourism, tasting areas, exhibition spaces for women's cooperatives, tuition centers, hairdressers, etc.)
-Restoration and upgrading of places of cultural activities (such as restoration of old schools for events, creation of a library, museums, supply of musical instruments, costumes, etc.)

The subsidy rate ranges from 50% to 100%, depending on the action, and the deadline for submission of investment proposals is Monday 31 August 2015

In our office we can guide you validly and reliably, examining your score, to undertake the preparation and submission of the required investment plan, the overall planning and study of the project, as well as the management of the implementation

More information: LEADER AKOMM program