Additional LEADER funding - Vouzounerakis

The approval of new credits totaling 11,776,000 euros that will strengthen the local programs of 11 regions of the country, within the Axis 4 of the Rural Development Program (RDP), was signed by the Deputy Minister of Productive Reconstruction Vangelis Apostolou.

These funds will strengthen the local LEADER approach programs implemented by the respective Local Action Groups, so that they can respond to the requests of potential investors for funding. New appropriations approved for the following Local Action Groups:

Serres Development Company

Halkidiki Development

Development Company of the Prefecture of Larissa

Rodopi Development

AKOMM Psiloritis

Development Kilkis

Pieriki Developmental

Development of the Northern Peloponnese

Parnonas Development Peloponnese

Kastoria Development

Crete Development Organization (OAK)

"Our goal is to accelerate the absorption of RDP funds and at the same time to satisfy the requests of potential investors who want to develop or expand their activity in the Greek countryside. Even in deep crisis there is potential for growth, especially in the countryside. "In this direction we will help as much as we can, provided of course that the money, up to the last euro, will take place." said Vangelis Apostolou.

The main eligible activities of LEADER concern businesses outside the urban centers and focus on establishing or modernizing:

Processing and standardization units for products (such as dairies, small standardization and packaging units for eggs and honey, snail processing plants, olive mills, wineries, fruit and vegetable companies, fruit processing units, etc.)

Craft units (such as products of ceramics - textiles, wood constructions, etc.)

Low capacity overnight infrastructure (up to 40 beds).

Catering and leisure areas (traditional taverns and cafes)

Service companies for the service of rural tourism (such as alternative forms of tourism, tasting places, etc.)

Indicatively, recently approved proposals are mentioned:

Results of the 3rd OAK announcement

Inclusion of selected investment projects AKOMM